How I can Help You Reach your Fitness and Nutrition Health Goals

Changing your eating habits takes time and for most an all or nothing approach does not work. My system is based on altering one habit at a time, so it becomes second nature like brushing your teeth, at your own chosen pace, and with continual hands-on support to help you reach your goals.

You will see results and gain knowledge that will last, by learning habits along a matching lifestyle that you are able to sustain and help you reach your goals

This is NOT a diet, a magic pill, drink or plan that will guarantee you result overnight. Just as it took days, months, years to gain weight it will take time to lose weight and keep it off. You have to be dedicated, consistent and patient to not only see results but to adopt a lifestyle that you can live forever. By taking a personal and holistic approach to coaching, all my recommendations are tailored specifically to your goals and a customized plan that will fit your life. I specialize in exercise and nutrition coaching for all age groups (adolescence, teen, adults, seniors, and families) and sport nutrition counseling to help meet specific dietary needs for achieving optimal and sustainable results.

Let me transform your health by teaching you the fundamentals of nutrition, habit formation, psychology of eating and utilizing whole food recipes that are fun to create in the kitchen. Individualized approach is required as no one person is the same, thus having a purpose to fit a lifestyle that is unique to you as your DNA. With an individualized approach to fitness as a whole you can enhance your life, energize your body, and fine tune your athletic performance — food should not be boring and learning how to create flavor magic with endless possibilities, will enable you to sustain your results.

“Once you learn to live a lifestyle, and not just see a diet, you will regain your life and forever look and feel your ultimate best. ” 


Levels of Support offered:

1-on-1 Coaching and Group Coaching: Provide individual session(s) offering multi-step coaching program(s) designed to accommodate your healthy goal needs. Depending on the type of program you desire to choose to fit your lifestyle goals, you will receive a personalized and hands-on supportive approach.

  • Consultation
  • Food Log Review with recommended Modifications
  • Nutrition Basics
  • A customized meal plan
  • Macro Calculation and set up
  • Goal Setting
  • Personalized daily/weekly/monthly coaching to help you stay motivated and accountable
  • How to choose and prepare satisfying nutrient-dense meals
  • DIY Recipes for Beginning and Experienced cooks
  • Snack ideas and preparation
  • Nutrition and Supplementation education
  • Coaching and motivation to help you reach your goals
  • Support Page
  • Recommendations on how to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle (personal training and program design is available). Incorporating exercise and diet as a whole will allow you to reach your optimal performance and a total body and mind connection to reach your ultimate health goals.

Personal Training: One-on-One and Partner training at your home and/or semi-private studio located in Timonium MD.  Creating a workout that is tailored to your body to not only meet your goals but to provide education as a foundation to live a lifestyle that you will love and achieve more with the time you have.

  • Program design to keep you motivated, focused and accountable to not only reach your fitness goals but surpass them.
  • On-line personal training utilizing video for the ultimate at home training experience.

Monthly Virtual Coaching-Utilizing skype, phone and email for weekly progress focusing on accountability, continuation of fitness and nutrition education, addressing challenges and/or problem areas, answering any nutrition, supplementation, exercise or health questions and helping you stay motivated, focused and inspired to reach your goals and maintain them.

(Includes 1 hour initial goal setting and custom plan set up, weekly phone/skype meetings)

 Customized Fitness Program Plans:  Strength, Body Building, Metabolic Circuit30-min express, total body fat loss, HITT, fire up your core, and mobility with yoga.

Grocery Shopping: Education on the different produce that stock the colorful isles of your grocery store along with showing you on what foods to put in your shopping cart and what to leave on the shelves. Stock your pantry with the right herbs and spices in order to create at home delicious recipes. Give me 1 hour and I’ll give you a wealth of knowledge to gain confidence in your healthy shopping skills.

At Home Meal Prepping 101 Tutorial: If you are not prepared, you have a higher chance of failure, and that will detour you from meet your health goals. Let me simplify and show you the proper way for food storage, portion control, and weekly planning all with a reach of you hand.


Refrigerator/Pantry Makeover: Your health goals start in the kitchen, let me show how to stock your power house with nourishing produce, herbs and spices that will create a balanced and sustainable eating haven. Get your trash bag ready, to clean out your kitchen into a HEALTHY new you.


Distance is not a barrier. Although numerous of these are services only available locally to those living in the Baltimore MD area, the most important one, individual one-on-one nutrition counseling and program design can be done over phone/skype and email.

 Choose a plan that meets your goal and become committed to a healthy new you!

Contact me via email: corefitconcepts@gmail.com

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