Levels of Support offered:

1-on-1 Coaching and Group Coaching: Provide individual session(s) offering multi-step coaching program(s) designed to accommodate your healthy goal needs. Depending on the type of program you desire to choose that best fits your lifestyle goals, you will receive a personalized and hands-on supportive approach.

  • Consultation
  • Food Log Review with recommended Modifications
  • Nutrition Basics
  • DIY meal plan
  • Macro Calculation and set up
  • Goal Setting
  • Personalized daily/weekly/monthly coaching to help you stay motivated and accountable
  • How to choose and prepare satisfying nutrient-dense meals
  • Snack ideas and preparation
  • Nutrition and Supplementation education
  • Coaching and motivation to help you reach your goals
  • Recommendations on how to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle (personal training and program design is available). Incorporating exercise and diet as a whole will allow you to reach your optimal performance and a total body and mind connection to reach your ultimate health goals.

Monthly Virtual Coaching-Utilizing skype, phone and/or email for weekly progress focusing on accountability, continuation of fitness and nutrition education, addressing challenges and/or problem areas, answering any nutrition, supplementation, exercise or health questions and helping you stay motivated, focused and inspired to reach your goals and maintain them.

(Includes 1 hour initial goal setting and custom plan set up, weekly phone/skype meetings)

Customized Fitness Program Plans:  Strength Training, Beginner/Intermediate Powerlifting,  Body Building, Multi-Sport Hybrid Programming, Metabolic Circuit30-min express, , HITT, Pelvic-Core Stability, Total body Fat Loss, and Glute Builder


Personal Training: One-on-One and Partner training at your home and/or semi-private studio located in Timonium MD.

Creating a workout that is tailored to your body to not only meet your goals but to provide education as a foundation to live a lifestyle that you will love and achieve more with the time you have.

  • Program design to keep you motivated, focused and accountable to not only reach your fitness goals but surpass them.
  • Optional On-line personal training utilizing video for the ultimate at home training experience.