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How looking through the lens of our eyes has lead you to a never ending “yo-yo” diet affect of portion distortion

When you pull out a box of cereal, gallon of milk and your favorite bowl that you swear is a serving size because after all it’s a bowl made for cereal and should resemble a serving. I mean why else would they sell a bowl this size if it wasn’t? Unfortunately, this is mindset that …

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Kodiac Cakes Protein Pancake and Egg Sandwiches. No stove required

No fuss, easy to make microwave chocolate pancakes

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How I Can Help You Succeed

Changing your eating habits takes time and for most an all or nothing approach does not work. My system is based on altering one habit at a time (unless you are ready to go full force), at your own chosen pace, and with continual support to help you reach your goals.   “You will see …

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