Our Fitness Journeys Unfold One Chapter at a Time.

Fitness is King Nutrition is Queen You can't have one without the other to build a foundation for life

Have you tried every diet, supplement and weight loss product imaginable and you still struggle with weight loss?

Are you overwhelmed and confused with the vast amount of information on the news, magazines, social media and television?

Let US HELP YOU in learning and implementing small changes to your current lifestyle to see immediate results!

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Individualized Nutrition

Results are in the details. We offer Simple to Use Nutrition Templates and Customized DIY Meal Plans

Fitness Program Design

To get results you need a well built program to follow. We custom tailor a program to fit your schedule, fitness level and goals in mind

On-Line Coaching

Creating an exercise and nutrition plan that is tailored to your body and lifestyle. To build a foundation to live a lifestyle that you will love and achieve more with the time you have.

Movement is LIFE


We are passionate, client focused and result driven fitness professionals and nutrition coaches that specializes in lifestyle transformations. The only way to have lasting results is to learn to love the process and embrace the journey of fitness.

Changing your eating habits and incorporating movement into your lifestyle takes time and for most an all or nothing approach does not work. Let us transform your health by teaching you the fundamentals, altering one habit at a time, at your own pace, and with continual support to help you reach your goals.

You will see results and gain knowledge that will last, by learning habits along a matching lifestyle that you are able to sustainable and help you reach your goals


Fitness Program Design

Creating a workout that is tailored to your goals and lifestyle to not only meet your goals but to provide education as a foundation to live a lifestyle that you will love and achieve more with the time you have. 



We believe that an Individualized approach is required as no one person is the same. Helping you identify the steps required to fit your lifestyle and create lasting habits, is unique to you as your DNA. We teach you how to live a lifestyle, and not just see a diet.

achieving your goals

Getting in shape forces you to face your biggest challenges, but you don’t have to face this alone. We will provide the support and accountability that is needed to help you reach your goals. It is through the journey of habit formation that allows you to regain your life and forever look and feel your ultimate best.


I can’t say enough good things! She really showed me the benefits of taking control of what I put in my body and the types of full body workouts that will give me long lasting benefits. I have a much better relationship with food. Leeza

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. 

Personal Training



Goal Setting

Choose from: Express 30min
Fully 60min

Specializing: Weight-Loss Pre/PostNatal Injury/limitations Weeding/Events Endurance StrengthTraining

Nutrition OR



Goal Setting

(1)-30min remote live coaching sessions

Custom Tailored Training or Nutrition Program

Designed with Progressions to reach your Goal

Custom Diet Plans
Form and Technique Assessment

Unlimited Q&A support

Pro Nutrition +Fitness



Goal Setting

(2)-30min remote live coaching sessions

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Program Plan

Portion and Food Composition Education

DIY Templates with Step by Step Meal Plan

Unlimited support via email and text

Step-by-Step Habit Formation guide with DIY weekly logs

Results for a lifetime