Training the heart as a whole: Benefits of Combining Endurance and Resistance Training

When we think of resistance training we primarily think of muscle strength alongside a cardiovascular response. On the other hand, endurance training is seen primarily as cardiovascular strength with muscle strength response.

However, the bigger picture we need to look at is training the heart as a WHOLE.


Let’s compare, resistance training (RT) and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Both only increase the heart rate and strengthen one part of the heart (the left ventricle mainly). Thus, leaving the rest of the heart without proper stimulus to adapt.

In order to combat this problem we need to include cardiovascular strength training at a moderate aerobic range (70-85% of MHR). Most importantly this will increase the vascular network, to allow a greater delivery of blood to the heart itself and as a result will increase stroke volume.

With an end goal to create a strength network as a whole.


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