Why are we so scared to take control of our actions and call out our own bullshit: Fitness and Health

We measure and track just about everything in life. Our wealth is measure by credit scores, bank accounts, credit card debt, and salaries.
Our self-worth and life happiness is measured by what you have accomplished, what you poses, how many followers you have, the list is endless. But when it come to health and weight management we become overwhelmed by a scale, measuring cup, an app or even something so simple as writing down our food and beverage consumption.
This seems foolish as the one most important measurement in life should be our health So why are we so scared to take control and call out our own bullshit?
A study has shown that only 1/3 of adults reported frequent and accurate use of reading Nutrition Labels. Primarily those who cook meals at home on a regular basis and exercise regularly were more likely to utilize food labels on a daily basis.
It has also been found that people who looked at Nutrition Labels had better overall diets. But why do so many FEAR the idea to learn, track progress and measure?
FEAR is something that we all face, with most individuals succumbing to the idea and notion of the false thoughts and stories that keep us a prisoner in our own minds.
Comfort, predictability, and familiarity is what keeps us in that fearful mindset and does not allow us to experience the true power of our capabilities.
If we attack FEAR head on and use this magnificent wave of emotion to bring out not only success but character of strength.

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