Are you stuck spinning your wheels and can’t seem to loose weight?

If you are wondering why you are stuck spinning your wheels and can’t seem to loose weight even though you are following all the proper advice. The problem is in a lack of being accountable in your consistency.
Looking to loose weight “diet” is a process that requires for you to learn habits, plan ahead, and be consistent with those actions. If you diet for 3-5 days and than you go back to your normal way of eating the calorie deficit you encountered will be off set and in many cases higher on the “off days”.
We change our outcome as a result of changing our outlook, thus allowing to see past the mental barriers we created. Thus the consistency of following through day in and day out is the important habit and drive behind change.
Habits is your SECRET KEY for change and lasting results. Skip the quick detoxes, fads, and rushing weight loss. Start thinking long term success and smaller goals as gratification.

Change begins with you and finding your “I am …..”

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