Goal setting beyond weight loss

Weight loss should NOT compromise as our only GOAL in fitness and take up space for most of our lives. There are many fitness goals that are more important to set and achieve which in actuality can help and improve your overall outlook and outcome of long term “weight loss” as a goal.

1. Getting out of the “diet” phase mentality and adding calories to achieve maintenance (this is essential in long term success and the most under utilized approach by many)
2. Eating protein with each meal
3. Performance centered training (strict push-up, body weight pull up, squatting and deadlifting your own body weight, etc)
4. Strengthen training (adding/ substituting for cardio only training).
5. Learning flexibility and moderation with food/diet (piece of chocolate, slice of pizza, ice cream can be incorporated without setting you off deep end)
6. Learning to love your own unique process and progress
7. Incorporating Intuitive eating while practicing learned skills
8. Eating vegetables/fruits with each meal
9. Self love and care through positive self talk and reinforcement
10. Building muscle
11. Gaining weight aka “bulking”
12. Picking up a new skill be in cooking, a new class, or revisiting a habit as reinforcement
13. Relaxation and de-stressing

Before doing another diet and weight loss attempt give your mind to catch up to your new body and allow it to heal from the “diet” approach.

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