Do you have an exit strategy once your “diet” ends?

Most dieters have the mentality that:
1. Dieting is forever
2. Dieting is the only goal and the most important
3. You will continue to eat exactly the same food, the same portions, the same daily lifestyle that you are doing while dieting with no changes to be seen
4. Willpower and Motivation is required to succeed
Have you ever considered what you will do after you complete your diet?

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The question seems to have an easy answer which most will respond with the above answers. However, maintaining your weight is in fact a GOAL of its own and should be treated as a separate phase in your journey. Learning how to incorporate your food intake with a slight surplus in order for your body to adjust to the weight loss is an entire new process and a much bigger goal than a “diet”.

So ask your self the question what is my exit strategy once I reach my goal and end my “diet”?

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