Why Emotions are the Driving force for change and critical for weight loss

Teaching kids and one self that dealing with day to day emotions such as stress, having a bad day, sadness, loneliness, boredom, etc are ALL ACCEPTABLE EMOTIONS. Everything we think and do is driven by or put into motion by emotions.

Give yourself the permission to express, talk, defuse and accept each emotion as it is and just let it sit there for a few minutes so you can reflect on the feelings later and rewire your brain on how to deal with feelings. Any unease we feel will pass as long as we don’t try to suppress it with food during the time of the onset.

Food is NOT a punishment, reward or crutch that should be used to cope or deal with acceptable emotions.

Start learning and seeing the BENEFITS of nutrition that food can provide and what it can do for your body and mind vs. how it can numb and distract your discomfort.

It’s never to late to start your journey and get in tuned with your mind and body as a whole in order to truly find out how to best live a life without guilt, shame, punishment and fear that “dieting” has come to be in this era.

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