Diet-Cheat-Diet-Binge-Repeat Cycle of Failed Nutrition Plans and Fads

Most of the human population believe that in order to loose weight, you have to stop eating a particular food(s) and if you can’t than you have a weakness, self-control problem, guilt set in and in light the food seems to have control over you and your thoughts. This in turn allows us to believe that “avoidance” is not only necessary but the only solution.

But like any human relationships that we have with friends, family, coworkers and loved ones, avoidance merely causes either more problems or no resolution at all. So why approach a diet and food the same way?

In order to diet successfully and not only loose weight but keep the weight off, alongside learning to have a healthy outlook with food while matching habits for success, takes time and effort. Much like the time and effort you take to build relationships with loved ones.
If your current diet or plan has any of the below limitations you may fall into the diet-binge disordered cycle.
1. Elimination of food groups and foods
2. All or Nothing approach with restrictions
3. Having cheat meals as a form of reward
4. Permanently being on “diet” or restrictive eating
5. Relying on an expiration date for a diet “loose 10lbs in 7 days” vs. habit and lifestyle formation
6. Belief that avoiding “trigger foods” “bad foods” indefinitely and “stricter is better” without flexibility

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