How looking through the lens of our eyes has lead you to a never ending "yo-yo" diet affect of portion distortion

When you pull out a box of cereal, gallon of milk and your favorite bowl that you swear is a serving size because after all it’s a bowl made for cereal and should resemble a serving. I mean why else would they sell a bowl this size if it wasn’t?
Unfortunately, this is mindset that most of us have grown to believe and become accustomed to when “measuring” our food. We rely heavily on our eyes and our plates to dictate our portions and let me tell you that what we perceive to be a portion is close to 2x and even 3x the actual amount. This is one of the many reasons people are stuck asking the same question, “I’ve tried everything and I mean every diet and yet I still can’t loose weight”, sounds familiar?
We have created habits over the years that have put us on a road to failure. As we practice this routine day in and day out without paying much attention to the implications this has on the rest of our daily food consumption and portions, using the same habits. As time goes on you try various diets and yet your pants continue to get smaller and you wonder why you can’t seem to loose weight.
Here is the hard truth, your trusty eyes and measuring cups and spoons that you seldom use are your biggest weapons for the road blocks you are facing. When you start to understand and actually see what a portion should be and how to read nutrition labels correctly you will gain much more than weight loss, you will gain freedom from life long yo-yo dieting.

If you are interested in getting yourself on track with proper scientific nutritional knowledge and want to break free from the “diet” lifestyle contact us for nutritional coaching.

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