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Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Kodiac Cakes Protein Pancake and Egg Sandwiches. No stove required

No fuss, easy to make microwave chocolate pancakes


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Microwave Protein Pancakes

When you are pressed for time and want to make a healthy and fast breakfast or anytime snack, why not use your trusty microwave and leftover bananas to fill your belly with warm goodness of pancakes. Click on product to purchase with FREE Amazon Prime 2 Day-shipping. The secret ingredient to make these pancakes Soft and DELICIOUS! …

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The Principle of Specificity: Is there a training benefit when using unstable surface’s such as Swiss/Stability/Bosu Ball

Swiss ball which is also called the Stability ball was originally created in 1960’s as a means to provide instability and resistance by challenging and engaging “CORE” muscles, therefore, improving balance, strength and flexibility. The use of stability balls started out in a clinical setting as a tool to rehab patients from injuries. Unstable surface training …

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