Cinnamon Mocha Coffee Latte

The smell of freshly ground beans, along with the aroma of cinnamon and cocoa early in the morning puts a smile on my face and allows me to jump start my day. I’m obsessed with using my french press over any other brewing method, all thanks that my good friend who introduced me to the art of making coffee at home.
Making a french press of coffee is pretty simple.  All you need is boiling water, mug, french press, and coffee beans. I prefer to use a grinder and whole beans to get the freshest cup of coffee daily. French press uses a metal filter, instead of a paper filter that typically would soak up all the natural coffee bean oils (most of the flavor is held in the oils and produces the insanely good aroma and taste of coffee). In essence, you want to preserve the oils and the metal filter of a French press, does the job.
In addition, to being a coffee fanatic, I’m also a huge chocolate lover and I MUST have my daily fix. The combination of coffee and cocoa together, is of the most appealing duos to mocha fans around the world. In order to make this classic recipe more exciting, I decided to add Saigon Cinnamon for the that little touch of spice. For an extra kick of spice in your life you can also add a dash of pumpkin spice blend (no sugar added variety) to this recipe. I enjoy making coffee both ways and love to taste the different flavors.

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I use only Unsweetened 100% Coco and Stevia in the RAW as an all natural sweetener

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Sub Coconut milk for those with nut allergies

In using all natural ingredients, without added sugars you can have your spiced mocha latte, without the extra calories, followed by a sugar crash and then the guilt. Making smarter choices with your beverage selection will keep you on track with your goals.


French Press
Coffee beans (coarse ground)
Coffee Grinder
Boiling water
2 tbs of Naturally Unsweetened 100% Coco
2-3 stevia in the raw packet to taste
1 tbs of Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon
1 cup of unsweetened original cashew milk


  1. Grind coffee beans in grinder using a coarse setting, if you don’t own a grinder, use ground coffee instead.
  2. Depending on the size of your french press you will need to measure out the amount and adjust to taste. I use a 32oz. french press to make 8 cups of coffee and use 4 scoops of whole beans for grinding. Grinding the beans yields approximately  10-12tbs.
  3. Add ground beans to press, unsweetened coco to taste, saigon cinnamon to taste.
  4. Pour boiling water and let the coffee steep for 4 minutes.
  5. While coffee is steeping, heat  cashew milk in microwave for 1-2 min, until warm.
  6. Stir the coffee gently for 5 seconds to break up the crust and mix the flavors evenly with the water. Slowly press the plunger all the way down to filter the grounds from the coffee.
  7. Using a mug add stevia, pour the milk followed immediately by coffee into your mug, stir and ENJOY!

These are recommended values if using ESPRO French Press

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