The Journey: Fitness Passion

My Fitness Journey started in the summer of 2014 and has lead me to not only get healthy, and be in the best shape of my life by shedding 80lbs, but in the process I found my passion for living a lifestyle of movement and creating new, exciting, and delicious “muscle fuel” recipes. Being honest to yourself and having proper support and encouragement through this journey is the best way to achieve any of your fitness and lifestyle goals.
I have been through my fair share of different diets through the years with a yo-yo effect of gaining and losing weight, but can honestly say that learning the correct way to nourish my body with the proper food is not a diet but a lifestyle change. Like most of you, who are reading this blog have at least one time struggled in life, trying to find the perfect balance of food, fitness and daily life. Learning the correct way to fuel your body for optimum performance is key to long term weight loss and maintenance.
This is not a diet or a quick fix, you have to choose to live a lifestyle that involves being consistent, dedicated, and most importantly continue to eat delicious food that will help you reach your goals. I fell in love with fitness and hopefully the ability to motivate and inspire others, along with discovering that not only is it possible to achieve your weight loss goals but you can surpass them.

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